HOME Program Administration and Management

The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) has certain administrative requirements that must be followed as part of daily program operations. A Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) is responsible for ensuring that all HOME funds are used in accordance with these requirements, regardless of whether funds are actually administered by subrecipients, state recipients, or contractors. Each PJ may use up to 10 percent of each year’s HOME allocation for reasonable administrative and planning costs.

The following types of general administrative requirements are covered in this topic category:

  • Written Agreements

  • Project Tracking

  • Financial Management

  • Planning and Administration Costs

  • Record Keeping

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Policy Guidance and FAQs



View HOME FAQs organized by topic.

Policy Guidance


HOMEfires is the Official Policy newsletter of the HOME Program. Each HOMEfires answers a specific policy question.

HOME CPD Notices

CPD Notices provide detailed guidance on a specific subject. HOME CPD Notices explain how the HOME program regulations should be interpreted or applied. A listing of all CPD Notices is also available.

HOME Policy Memos

HOME memos provide guidance on a specific subject.

HUD Integrity Bulletins

These Integrity Bulletins developed by the HUD Office of the Inspector General and the Office of Community Planning and Development cover the following topics, which represent issues HUD formula grantees struggle with most often:

  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Sub-recipient Oversight
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Internal Controls
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Financial Management

Guidebooks and Tools

HOME Reports

HUD grantees receive funding from HUD to support HUD's mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD grantees include state and local governments, non-profit and for-profit organizations, public housing authorities, and tribal entities.

HOME Written Agreements

These checklists are intended for HUD and PJ staff to use when reviewing HOME written agreements for compliance with HOME regulatory requirements

HUD Forms

Find forms at HUD's one-stop forms resource page.

Building HOME: A HOME Program Primer - Training Manual and Slides

This training provides an overview of the HOME Program, including changes made to the regulations in 1996 with the publication of the HOME Final Rule.

Date Published: February 2012

Videos and Training Material

Building HOME Online Training

This interactive self-paced online training is a comprehensive introduction and important refresher on key HOME Program requirements and topic areas. Complete all modules to learn the full breadth of eligible HOME activities and to access guidance related to effective and compliant implementation.

Date Published: January 2020

Building HOME Webinar Series

This virtual delivery of Building HOME provided an overview of the HOME Program, including the latest requirements codified in the July 24, 2013 HOME Final Rule. THe webinars cover all program activities, including homeowner and homebuyer, rental housing, tenant-based rental assistance, and CHDO activities.

Date Published: February 2018

Financial Management: HOME Online Module

This module describes the importance of financial management when administering HOME funds; how the Federal financial management standards relate to the HOME Program; and the areas where the HOME Final Rule specifies financial management requirements that supersede or augment the Uniform Administrative Requirements.

Date Published: April 2017