Forming a consortium is a way for local governments that would not otherwise qualify for funding to join with other contiguous units of local government to directly participate in the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).

In FY 2023, HUD approved 148 consortia Participating Jurisdictions (PJs). These PJs include among their members jurisdictions that are interested in taking a more regional, collaborative approach to meeting their affordable housing needs but whose individual formula allocations do not meet the minimum threshold for funding.

The representative of the consortium, also known as the lead entity, assumes overall responsibility for compliance with the HOME program requirements. As the PJ, the lead entity is responsible for the long-term affordability requirements of all projects developed by the consortium regardless of whether the consortium is still in existence. The consortium members should have confidence in the lead entity's ability to assume and maintain this responsibility on their behalf.

For more information on Consortia, see 24 CFR 92.101.

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FY 2023 HOME Consortia

FY 2023 HOME Consortia List

This is a list of the consortia, by State, that were eligible for HOME funding in FY 2023.

Date Published: March 2023

FY 2023 HOME Consortia Participating Members Percentage Report

This table lists all HOME Consortia that were eligible for HOME funding in FY 2023 and the share each member contributed toward the Consortium's total allocation. HUD provides the percentage attributable to each member for informational purposes only. The distribution of HOME funds amongst members is at the discretion of the consortium.

Date Published: March 2023

Policy Guidance


CPD Memo: Suspension and Waiver of the HOME Program Consortium Qualification Deadline in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

This memorandum suspends the HOME Program’s statutory deadline and waives the HOME regulatory deadline for qualification or requalification of urban counties and consortia to provide HOME PJs additional time to complete these processes due to the unanticipated circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Date Published: September 2020

HOME CPD Notices

Notice CPD 13-02: Procedures for Designation of Consortia as a Participating Jurisdiction for the HOME Program

This Notice provides guidance on the procedures for approving two or more contiguous local governments to participate as a consortium in the HOME Program.

Date Published: April 2013

Guidebooks and Tools

HOME Consortia Builder - A Tool to Estimate Funding 

This tool uses U.S. Census and HOME data to calculate an estimate of the amount of HOME funds that a potential consortium might qualify for under the HOME formula.

Date Published: July 2021

Establishing and Managing a Successful HOME Consortium 

This guide provides technical and operational advice to existing and prospective HOME consortia, and answers critical questions about the management and implementation of HOME Program activities.

Date Published: August 2010

HOME Consortia Calendar: Summary of Deadlines

This calendar summarizes HOME Consortia deadlines.

Date Published: March 2008

Videos and Training Material

Self-Paced Online Training

Building HOME Online Training

This interactive self-paced online training is a comprehensive introduction and important refresher on key HOME Program requirements and topic areas. Complete all modules to learn the full breadth of eligible HOME activities and to access guidance related to effective and compliant implementation.

Date Published: March 2020