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Ptarmigan Heights

  Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

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Ptarmigan Heights is a six-unit rental development for mixed-income seniors located in the rural community of Delta Junction, AK. The garden style facility features solar energy, units equipped for sensory and mobility impairments, and service enriched housing for seniors with disabilities. After two unsuccessful funding applications, the sponsors changed development teams and gained the financial support of their local government to craft a winning proposal for federal HOME funds to develop the facility. The facility embodies a story of persistence paying dividends to our seniors.

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Ptarmigan Heights is located in a rural Alaskan community with just over 1,100 people called Delta Junction. The facility was built on centrally located land donated by the city. Delta Junction boasts 12 intersections through its main street and supports the nearby 49th Missile Battalion of Fort Greely. The closest city of any size to Delta Junction is Fairbanks which is about a 100-mile drive to the northeast.

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Prior to the facility’s completion, no designated senior housing existed in Delta Junction. Ptarmigan Heights serves mixed-income seniors in Delta Junction and provides critically needed affordable housing that is specifically designed to facilitate seniors’ ability to age-in-place. Individual units and the common areas of the facility are fully equipped for persons with sensory and mobility impairments and residents with disabilities are provided with supportive services.

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The facility was conceived by a group of locals that banded together to create a new nonprofit, Deltana Community Services Partnership (Deltana). The newly formed organization marshaled the support of the local government that donated both land and cash to help build the facility. With the site and seed money secured, Deltana reached out to Rouse and Associates (a local developer) and submitted a winning proposal for state and federal housing grants from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

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Project Costs

Funding Sources Cost
HOME Investment $818,673
LIHTC (if applicable) N/A
Other Federal Funds N/A
Other Public Funds $763,077
Private Funds $404,257
Total Project Costs $1,986,007


Participating Jurisdiction: Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Project: Ptarmigan Heights

Location: Delta Junction, AK

Program Type: Rental Housing

Beneficiaries: Seniors and persons with disabilities

Number of Units: 6

Number of HOME Units: 4

More Information:

Tel: 800-478-2432

Web: https://www.ahfc.us/

Key Results

Ptarmigan Heights demonstrated that affordable housing and renewable energy can be cost-effectively paired to serve Alaska’s seniors in rural communities.

Words of Advice

Funded on its third attempt, Ptarmigan Heights is a testament to the value of persistence, adaptation, and partnership.