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New Hope Housing Harrisburg

 City of Houston Housing &  Community Development


Participating Jurisdiction: City of Houston Housing & Community Development Department

Project: New Hope Housing Harrisburg

Location: Houston, TX

Program Type: Rental Housing

Beneficiaries: Low- and very-low income individuals, including those who are either vulnerable to homelessness or who have been experiencing homelessness prior to entering

Number of Units: 175

Number of HOME Units: 124

More Information:

Web: https://www.newhopehousing.com/

Tel: 832-394-6178

Key Results

New Hope Harrisburg project adds 175 affordable units in a gentrifying area, is LEED Platinum certified, and is run by the leading provider of SRO homes in Texas.

Words of Advice

The solution to homelessness is housing plus services. The coordination of funding to develop permanent supportive housing has enabled the City of Houston to tackle the crisis of homelessness head on.