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Fenix Estates


 City of Houston Housing & Community Development

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From Abandoned Motel to Permanent Supportive Housing Community

The Fenix Estates is a permanent supportive housing community that provides social services such as job and skill training, mental and physical healthcare, and peer support.

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Fenix Estates is a 200-unit community built on the vacant site of a former motel. The development is mixed-use and mixed-income, with over half the units reserved for low-income residents that have been formerly homeless. This permanent supportive housing community includes social services ranging from job and skill training to mental and physical healthcare to peer support. Fenix is a partnership between the Housing Corporation of Greater Houston, Harris County Housing Authority, and the City of Houston.

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Fenix Estates is located in the East Downtown district on the site of a former motel that was vacated. This community is downtown and close to supportive services and job opportunities, as well as connected to public transportation and major highways. A grocery store and pharmacy are located within a mile, and shopping, healthcare, and other vital public amenities are within close proximity to the community.

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Fenix Estates primarily benefits people experiencing homelessness by providing permanent supportive housing and important services to those who have been unable to find security thus far. The Permanent Supportive Housing model holds benefits for the community at large and has been shown to decrease substance abuse and create a higher quality of life for individuals engaged. Additionally, the location of the development promises high-quality education and job opportunities to residents and their children. Already, retail is planned to be introduced to areas near Fenix Estates, bringing additional shopping opportunities and convenience to the community.

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This project shows an important collaboration between the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department, the Harris County Housing Authority, the Harris County Community Services Department, and private interests. The Royal Bank of Canada assisted with the funding.

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Project Costs

Funding Sources Cost
HOME Investment $3,900,000
LIHTC (if applicable) N/A
Other Federal Funds $16,288,683
Combination of HOME and CDBG-DR allocated to Harris County
Other Public Funds $6,754,831
Harris County Housing Authority GLO

Harris County Housing Authority
Private Funds $13,330,354
Total Project Costs $44,162,536


Participating Jurisdiction: City of Houston Housing & Community Development Department

Project: Fenix Estates

Location: Houston, TX

Program Type: Rental Housing

Beneficiaries: Low-, very-low, and moderate-income residents

Number of Units: 200

Number of HOME Units: 50

More Information:

Tel: 832-394-6178

Web: http://hchatexas.org/wp-content/uploads/Fenix-Estates-FAQ.pdf

Key Results

Fenix Estates turned the site of a former abandoned motel into a vibrant permanent supportive housing community, creating 200 high-quality new homes for Houston’s most vulnerable residents.

Words of Advice

A strong collaborative partnership between several public agencies and utilizing a variety of funding sources was fundamental to the successful development of Fenix Estates.