HOME Studies and Success Stories

HOME Studies

The following studies are available for the HOME Program:

  • Study of Ongoing Affordability of HOME Program Rents
    This study estimated the proportion of HOME rental housing units occupied for more than two years that complied with the HOME rent limits. The study also sought to explain why rents were not within affordability limits for those units found to be non-compliant. A secondary objective of the study was to estimate the rent burden of households living in HOME units and the extent of receipt of tenant-based assistance.
    Date Published: June 2001

  • Study of Foreclosure in HOME and ADDI Programs
    This study examined the success of the HOME/ADDI program in helping low-income families achieve and sustain homeownership, and compared HOME/ADDI foreclosure rates with FHA rates. The study also identified the variables that increased or decreased the hazard of foreclosure.
    Date Published: November 2008

HOME Success Stories

HOME Program 20th Anniversary Door Knocker Awards

In May 2011, as part of the HOME Program 20th Anniversary Conference, HUD recognized 14 State and local governments with a HOME Program Door Knocker Award for their outstanding work in producing affordable housing. Awards were offered in four different categories - Promoting Long-Term Affordability; Reaching Underserved Populations; Producing Sustainable Housing; and Building CHDO Capacity. HUD received more than one hundred applications from across the country for the Door Knocker Awards.

View the HOME Program 20th Anniversary Door Knocker Awards.

HOME is a Catalyst for Change 

This video describes how the HOME Program has been a catalyst for change in the lives of communities and individuals across the country over the last twenty years. The video features interviews with HOME grantees, project developers, and HOME-assisted homeowners and residents in Anne Arundel County, MD, Cambridge, MA, Columbus, OH, Greensboro, NC, Montgomery County, MD, Ontario, CA and Shiprock, NM.