HOME PJs Open Activities Reports

This monthly report is an Excel spreadsheet, which is broken up by state. PJs can use this report to view open activities in IDIS including activities with 100 percent of the funds drawn and a status code of FD, or final draw. The HOME Final Rule at 24 CFR 92.502(d)(1) requires PJs to enter project completion data into IDIS within 120 days of making a final draw for a project (see HOMEfires Vol. 6 No. 1, August 2005). In addition, PJs can view activities that have been open (OP) for several years with little or no HOME funds drawn. These projects, if not progressing, should be cancelled. Likewise, other stakeholders can use this report as a desk-monitoring tool to view each PJ’s open activities in need of completion or cancellation in IDIS.

Please note that all street addresses have been removed from the reports due to privacy considerations.

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Please contact your local CPD Field Office regarding any questions about these reports.

HOME PJs Open Activities Reports

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