HOME Performance SNAPSHOT & PJ Rankings Reports

The HOME Program Performance SNAPSHOTs are quarterly cumulative performance reports, which can be useful in tracking the HOME program progress of participating jurisdictions (PJs) and in keeping constituents more fully informed of the types of activities undertaken with HOME funds. The Performance SNAPSHOT is an important tool in helping to evaluate the performance of PJs by providing a context for accomplishments.

The SNAPSHOTs factor in the  most recently completed Federal Fiscal Year (FY) allocations. Please note that this will directly affect achievement levels in the "% of Funds Committed" and "% of Funds Disbursed" categories.

The SNAPSHOTs have been redesigned. You can now view a three-part HOME Program Performance SNAPSHOTs for each PJ. Each report contains:

  1. PJ SNAPSHOT - Accomplishments: Assesses PJ performance in eight critical categories.
  2. PJ SNAPSHOT - Program and Beneficiary: Describes important characteristics of completed projects and persons served.
  3. PJ SNAPSHOT - Red Flag Indicators (State and Local w/Rental PJs only): Highlights a PJ’s score on five performance factors and assigns a "red flag" if performance is in the lowest 20th percentile of all PJs.

Learn more about SNAPSHOTs.

In addition, for each quarter you can view PJ rankings by: State PJs, Local PJs with Rental Activities, and Local PJs with No Rental Activities.

Report Explanations

Please contact your local CPD Field Office regarding any questions about these reports.

These reports are no longer being posted. The latest report posted is September 30, 2019.

HOME Performance SNAPSHOT & PJ Rankings Reports

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