Section by Section Summary of the 2013 HOME Final Rule

The Section by Section Summary of the 2013 HOME Final Rule summarizes all the changes made to the HOME regulations to help participating jurisdictions, community housing development organizations, and program participants understand and comply with the new requirements. For each change in the regulation, this resource:

  • Summarizes and describes each rule change
  • Provides recommendations for how PJs can implement the new requirements
  • Identifies the effective date for implementing each new requirement

Sections that have changed in the 2013 HOME Final Rule appear in underlined, orange font.

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Important Resources

2013 HOME Final Rule, 24 CFR Part 92 (Complete Rule)

2013 HOME Final Rule, 24 CFR Part 92 (Changes Only)

Complete Section by Section Summary of the 2013 HOME Final Rule

Subpart A - General

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92.1 Overview
92.3 Applicability of 2013 Regulatory Changes
92.4 Waivers and Suspension of Requirements for Disaster Areas

Subpart B - Allocation Formula

Section No Changes
92.50 Formula Allocation
Insular Areas Program  
92.60 Allocation Amounts for Insular Areas
92.61 Program Description
92.62 Review of Program Description and Certifications
92.63 Amendments to Program Description
92.64 Applicability of Requirements to Insular Areas
92.65 Funding Sanctions
92.66 Reallocation

Subpart C - Consortia; Designation and Revocation of Designation as a Participating Jurisdiction

Section No Changes
92.100 [Reserved]
92.101 Consortia
92.102 Participation Threshold Amount
92.103 Notification of Intent to Participate
92.104 Submission of a Consolidated Plan
92.105 Designation as a Participating Jurisdiction
92.106 Continuous Designation as a Participating Jurisdiction
92.107 Revocation of Designation as a Participating Jurisdiction

Subpart D - Submission Requirements

Section No Changes
92.150 Submission Requirements

Subpart E - Program Requirements

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92.200 Private-Public Partnership
92.201 Distribution of Assistance
92.202 Site and Neighborhood Standards
92.204 Applicability of requirements to entities that receive a reallocation of HOME funds, other than participating jurisdictions
Eligible and Prohibited Activities  
92.207 Eligible Administrative and Planning Costs
92.208 Eligible Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Operating Expense and Capacity Building Costs
92.210 Troubled HOME-Assisted Rental Housing Projects
92.212 Pre-Award Costs
92.213 HOME Funds and Public Housing
92.215 Limitation on Jurisdictions Under Court Order
Income Targeting
92.216 Income Targeting: Tenant-Based Rental Assistance and Rental Units
92.217 Income Targeting: Homeownership
Matching Contribution Requirement  
92.218 Amount of Matching Contribution
92.219 Recognition of Matching Contribution
92.220 Form of Matching Contribution
92.221 Match Credit
92.222 Reduction of Matching Contribution Requirement

Subpart F - Project Requirements

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92.255 Converting Rental Units to Homeownership Units for Existing Tenants
92.256 [Reserved]
92.257 Faith-Based Activities
92.258 Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO) Units

Subpart G - Community Housing Development Organizations

Section View Summary of Changes
92.301 Project-Specific Assistance to Community Housing Development Organizations
92.302 Housing Education and Organizational Support
92.303 Tenant Participation Plan

Subpart H - Other Federal Requirements

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92.350 Other Federal Requirements and Nondiscrimination
92.351 Affirmative Marketing; Minority Outreach Program
92.352 Environmental Review
92.353 Displacement, Relocation, and Acquisition
92.354 Labor
92.355 Lead-Based Paintan
92.357 Executive Order 12372
92.358 Consultant Activities

Subpart I - Technical Assistance

Section No Changes
92.400 Coordinated Federal Support for Housing Strategies

Subpart J - Reallocations

Section No Changes
92.450 General
92.451 Reallocation of HOME Funds from a Jurisdiction that Is Not Designated a Participating Jurisdiction or Has Its Designation Revoked
92.452 Reallocation of Community Housing Development Organization Set-Aside
92.453 Competitive Reallocations
92.454 Reallocations by Formula

Subpart K - Program Administration

Section View Summary of Changes
92.501 HOME Investment Partnership Agreement
92.503 Program Income, Repayments, and Recaptured Funds
92.505 Applicability of Uniform Administrative Requirements
92.506 Audit
92.507 Closeout
92.509 Performance Reports

Subpart L - Performance Reviews and Sanctions

Section View Summary of Changes
92.550 Performance Reviews
92.551 Corrective and Remedial Actions
92.552 Notice and Opportunity for Hearing; Sanctions

Subpart M - American Dream Downpayment Initiative

Section View Summary of Changes
92.600 Purpose
92.602 Eligible Activities
92.604 ADDI Allocation Formula
92.606 Reallocations
92.608 Consolidated Plan
92.610 Program Requirements
92.612 Project Requirements
92.614 Other Federal Requirements
92.616 Program Administration
92.618 Performance reviews and sanctions