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HOME Deadline Compliance Status Reports - Grant Specific

On December 2, 2016, HUD published an interim final rule making changes with respect to HOME program commitment, CHDO reservation, and expenditure requirements. The rule became effective on January 3, 2017. Beginning with FY 2015 HOME allocations, HUD will no longer use the cumulative method for measuring compliance with the requirement that PJs commit HOME funds within 24 months of obligation. HUD will measure each PJ’s compliance with the 24-month commitment deadline on a grant-specific basis.

As of a PJ’s deadline, all funds from the specific HOME allocation subject to the deadline must be committed (in accordance with the definition of “commitment” at 24 CFR § 92.2). The 15 percent CHDO reservation requirement must also be met on a grant-specific basis. The rule eliminates the 5-year expenditure and CHDO set-aside expenditure deadlines and replaces it with an expenditure deadline based on the expiration date of the grant. Any HOME funds not disbursed by the expenditure deadline will be recaptured by U.S. Treasury.

The grant-specific version of the HOME Deadline Compliance Status Report (DCSR) is generated by HUD at the end of each month and reflects each HOME participating jurisdiction’s (PJ) commitment, CHDO reservation, subgrants, expenditure, and local account commitment requirements and deadlines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: HUD will continue using the cumulative method for determining compliance with the commitment, CHDO reservation, and expenditure requirements for FY 2014 and earlier year HOME grants. These requirements are identified on the cumulative version of the HOME Deadline Compliance Status Report

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HOME Deadline Compliance Status Reports - Grant Specific

The current reports are listed below. 

  • Note: The current reports are as of November 30, 2018.