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This quarterly report was developed to provide elected officials and department and agency heads with a quick overview of their jurisdiction's performance in delivering affordable housing assistance with their HOME Program funds. Using just a few key indicators in easy to understand graphic format, key leaders will be able to obtain information on cumulative HOME Program performance and accomplishments for the most recent quarter. It is hoped that the Dashboard will help to focus attention on local affordable housing efforts and on improving HOME Program performance going forward.

The current Dashboard is based upon allocations received by HOME participating jurisdictions through the most recently completed Federal Fiscal Year (FY). Please note that the inclusion of the most recent FY funding allocation will directly affect achievement levels in the "% of Funds Committed" and "% of Funds Disbursed" categories. Also, several caveats should be kept in mind when reviewing the Dashboard reports: Numbers alone, no matter how reliable, cannot fully describe performance in this or any other program. Therefore, these Dashboard reports are not intended to be the final word on the success or quality of a local or State HOME Program. For example, the Dashboard report will not capture the size or complexity of development projects undertaken by participating jurisdictions. Neither will it capture whether the PJ is conducting its activities in a manner that is in or out of compliance with HOME program requirements. This can only be determined through independent audits or HUD monitoring.

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Please contact your local CPD Field Office regarding any questions about these reports.


These reports are no longer being posted. The latest report posted is September 30, 2019.

HOME Dashboard Reports

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