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Post 2011 HOME Activities Reports

This monthly report is intended to assist PJs and Field Offices track compliance with the 4-year project completion deadline. The HOME Final Rule requires that all HOME projects to which funds were committed on or after August 23, 2013 meet the definition of “project completion” at §92.2 within 4 years. This includes construction completion, title transfer, final funding drawdown, and completion in IDIS. Alternately, if the HOME activity is identified as a 2012 or 2013 Action Plan project (i.e., setup in IDIS under a 2012 or 2013 program year), and funds were committed prior to August 23, 2013, the FY2012/FY2013 Appropriations Law requirements apply, and the activity must achieve construction completion within 4 years (as evidenced by the date of the certificate of occupancy, or other equivalent certification). Absent an extension, PJs must repay the HOME funds invested in projects not completed within 4 years.

PJs can use this report to view and track activities subject to the 4-year project completion deadline in IDIS, including: activities that are open, activities in final draw, or completed activities. The Completion Deadline column is 4 years after the Initial Funding Date of the activity in IDIS and is used as an approximation of the 4-year project completion deadline. For compliance purposes, HUD will determine the actual start of the 4-year completion deadline based upon the written agreement date.

Also, IDIS will automatically flag and block all HOME activities in “Open” status 4 years after their Initial Funding Dates when either of the following is true: (1) the activity has been setup in IDIS under a FY 2012 or 2013 Action Plan Project Year/Program Year; or (2) the activity has an Initial Funding Date on or after August 23, 2013, which was the effective date of the new HOME final rule. PJs will not be able to make any changes to activities that are blocked due to not being completed within 4 years. This includes editing the setup and accomplishment data, changing the activity status, increasing funding, or disbursing funds.

Please note: the applicability of either the requirement to achieve the definition of “project completion” or to achieve “construction completion” within 4 years is based on the date the written agreement was executed for the project. While the Initial Funding Date in IDIS serves as a proxy for the commitment date when identifying projects on this report, HUD will determine the actual applicability of the requirements based upon the written agreement date.

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Post 2011 HOME Activities Reports

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