HMIS Software Provider Forum

HUD is sponsoring monthly conference calls for HMIS software providers in order to distribute information and facilitate conversation that is critical for the ongoing success of HMIS implementations. HUD encourages all HMIS software providers to become involved in the Forum and attend the monthly call to provide insight and for an opportunity to discuss HMIS with HUD staff and national HMIS TA staff.

Virtual meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET. The meetings will be facilitated by national HMIS TA providers and will be attended by HUD staff.

NOTE: CoCs interested in joining a monthly call to discuss broad HMIS implementation and policy issues should submit a request to HUD Exchange Ask a Question for details and contact information for the nearest HUD-supported regional HMIS group.

Mailing List

To receive reminders and registration details regarding each monthly call, join the HUD Exchange Mailing List and subscribe to the "HMIS Software Provider" mailing list topic.


HMIS Software Provider Materials