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Forging partnerships and building skills to end housing discrimination

Upcoming Events

  • January 25-28, 2021: Fundamentals of Fair Housing - FHAP Investigation
  • February 8-11, 2021: Basics of Fair Housing
  • February 22-25, 2021: Fundamentals of Fair Housing - Intake

Instructor Led Courses

Academy courses provide FHIP and FHAP fair housing practitioners with a foundational overview of fair housing laws and provisions of the Fair Housing Act (and its implementing regulations). All courses engage practitioners from across the country in practical skill-building exercises, allowing them to share lessons learned and dialogue about the benefits of working together to end housing discrimination for all.

Basics of Fair Housing

This course ensures that FHIP and FHAP participants have a foundational framework, which they can build upon to carry out their duties in a professional and proficient manner.

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Fundamentals of Intake

This course will provide an overview of the responsibilities and customer service orientation to conducting intake.

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Fundamentals of FHAP Investigation

This course is designed to ensure that FHAP intake officers and investigators have a basic framework, which they can build upon to carry out their duties in a timely, efficient, professional, and proficient manner.

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Fundamentals of FHIP Investigation

This course provides training on identifying systemic investigations, strategies to develop audit testing, and how to coordinate with other FHIPs to conduct national investigations.

Litigating Fair Housing Cases

This course is designed for those who are involved in FHIP and FHAP litigation to understand and apply the methods and strategies for effective fair housing enforcement.