Environmental Review Training

The Environmental Reviews Training webinars, held by HUD's Office of Environment and Energy, provide comprehensive information for grantees and staff on the various components of the environmental review process. All major topics are discussed by subject matter experts. HUD records all Environmental Review Training webinars; these webinar presentations and accompanying materials are available below.

Environmental Review Procedures and Resources

Basics of a Part 58 Environmental Review for HUD-Assisted Projects

This training is a basic orientation to HUD's Part 58 regulations on environmental review responsibilities of Responsible Entities (RE).

Date Published: October 2012

Introduction to the National Environmental Policy Act

This webinar reviews the overall philosophy, history, and purpose of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA is the basis for HUD's Part 58 regulations.

Date Published: September 2012

Site Planning and Feasibility

This webinar explores the importance of considering environmental reviews and issues early in project planning and site planning.

Date Published: July 2012

Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance

This webinar discusses upgrades to the Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance (ATEC) and the use of ATEC components to create an environmental review record.

Date Published: October 2011

Related Laws and Authorities

Part 55: Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection Rules

This webinar educates HUD recipients, applicants, and their partners on Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection regulations at 24 CFR Part 55 implementing Executive Orders 11988 and 11990. This webinar also provides guidance on ways to avoid adverse impacts to floodplains and wetlands.

Date Published: March 2020

OEE Updates to HUD's ASD Requirements for Propane Tanks

This webinar provides information on the final rule, “Conforming the Acceptable Separation Distance (ASD) Standards for Residential Propane Tanks to Industry Standards” (85 FR 4225, January 24, 2020). This final rule excludes certain propane tanks from HUD’s ASD requirements, in relation to HUD’s environmental review process. The webinar explains these changes and how to determine compliance with the revised regulation.

Date Published: February 2020

Protecting Our Natural Resources

This webinar serves as a guide to three laws concerning the protection of natural resources: the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Farmland Protection Policy Act, and Endangered Species Act. It outlines the compliance steps for HUD projects for all three laws.

Date Published: September 2012

Environmental Justice at HUD: Why, What, and How

This webinar explores HUD's process for environmental justice analysis.

Date Published: August 2012

Clean Air Act Compliance

This webinar includes a brief history of the Clean Air Act (CAA) plus an introduction on how to use the regulation to bring a proposed HUD-assisted site location into compliance. This presentation also covers other related laws and authorities, asbestos guidance, definition of CAA terms, and case examples.

Date Published: August 2012

Acceptable Separation Distance

This webinar provides an overview of regulation 24 CFR Part 51 Subpart C and answers any questions that are based on the regulation. The webinar also discusses the Acceptable Separation Distance (ASD) assessment process in detail and demonstrates the ASD calculator as an electronic tool for calculating the ASD for HUD-assisted projects.

Date Published: October 2011

Noise Assessment

This webinar introduces basics concepts of noise related to the built environment and the use of the OEE's Day/Night Noise Level Calculator and Barrier Performance Module in the environmental review process.

Date Published: October 2011

Office of Housing

The Office of Housing's environmental review trainings cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Floodplain Management for Multifamily and Residential Care Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Programs
  • HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS) Partner Training for Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) and FHA
  • Multifamily Housing Radon


HEROS Quick Guides

These documents are quick references and troubleshooting guides for HEROS.

Date Published: November 2020

HEROS User Guide

These documents are user guides for HEROS.

Date Published: July 2019

HEROS Part 50 Training for SHOP and VHRMP Grantees

This webinar helped third party consultants, SHOP, and VHRMP grantees learn how to navigate through the HEROS system.

Date Published: April 2019

HEROS "How To" Videos

This series of short videos consists of brief, topic-specific tutorials that demonstrate how to use HEROS.

Using HEROS for Partners (Part 58)

This webinar helped Public Housing Authorities, non-Responsible Entity recipients, and third-party consultants learn how to navigate through the HEROS system.

Date Published: December 2018

Using HEROS for Tribes and Tribal Partners

This webinar reviewed a pilot for Tribes and their partner organizations using HEROS for both Part 50 and Part 58 Environmental Reviews in HEROS.

Date Published: July 2018

Using HEROS for Multifamily FHA Partners Webinar

This training helps third party consultants and lenders learn how to navigate through the HEROS system.

Date Published: May 2018

Environmental Reviews for Lead Hazard Control Grants

This training provides basic information regarding compliance for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Date Published: December 2017

HEROS Frequently Asked Questions

This training provides tips for and answers frequently asked questions about HEROS.

Date Published: November 2017

HEROS Part 50 for Public and Indian Housing

This is a Part 50 Public and Indian Housing (PIH) HEROS training that reviews the updates to HEROS that occurred in July 2017.

Date Published: September 2017

HEROS Q&A for FHA Multifamily Production

This training answers frequently asked questions about HEROS.

Date Published: March 2017

HERO for Office of Residential Care Facilities

The training introduces HUD environmental reviews, how to use HEROS to complete an environmental review, and covers some available tools and resources.

Date Published: February 2017

HEROS Tiered Environmental Review

This training provides an overview of the tiered review process and how REs may use tiering to improve their environmental review procedures.

Date Published: May 2016

Historic Preservation and Tribal Consultation

Historic Tax Credit for Affordable Housing

This webinar reviews how the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) may help develop historic buildings in communities into affordable housing.

Date Published: May 2017

Historic Preservation and HUD

This webinar provides an overview of historic preservation principles, qualifications for "historic" status, tools available for development of historic buildings, regulations that protect historic properties, and examples of HUD programs that can assist communities in reaching local housing and community development goals through preservation.

Date Published: September 2012

Tribal Consultation about Historic Cultural and Religious Properties in Section 106 Review of HUD Projects

This webinar is intended for Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPO) and tribal governments only and showcases the new tools and protocols and explains how Responsible Entities (REs) are expected to consult with tribes about historic properties in Section 106 review of HUD projects. It is of interest to tribes and THPOs who are invited to consult by REs, and to tribes who sometimes serve as REs for projects on tribal lands.

Date Published: August 2012

Consulting with Indian Tribes about Historic Properties in Environmental Review

This webinars intended for Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) grantees seeking guidance on the requirement that RE must consult with Indian tribes when reviewing a project that might affect historic or prehistoric properties of significance to tribes.

Date Published: June 2012

Housing Trust Fund

HTF Environmental Provisions

These webinars provide Housing Trust Fund (HTF) grantees and subgrantees with guidance on how to meet the environmental provisions for new construction and rehabilitation that are required for HTF projects under the Property Standards at 24 CFR § 93.301(f)(1) and (2). It reviews acquisition, HTF Combined with other HUD funds, and HTF only.

Date Published: September 2016

Continuum of Care

Environmental Reviews for Continuum of Care Grantees

This webinar reviews the environmental review requirements for the Continuum of Care (CoC) program. It provides an overview of the recommended environmental review procedures and formats for grantees and Responsible Entities (RE) to use for CoC projects.

Date Published: December 2017

Disaster Recovery 

CDBG-DR Environmental Review

This webinar reviews Environmental Review (ER) requirements typically associated with Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) activities. It covers the timing and planning considerations for ER compliance, applicability of common ER scenarios, tips and resources on ER available to grantees.

Date Published: September 2016