Environmental Impact Statements

An environmental impact statement (EIS) is a detailed written statement required by section 102(2)(C) of NEPA for a proposed major Federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.

Environmental impact statements for recent HUD-assisted projects are listed below. Additional information on filing requirements can be found in resources on the right.


Rose Hill Courts Redevelopment in Los Angeles, California
(Operating Fund: CA004-00040118D, Cap Fund: CA16P004501-18)
NOI | DEIS | Final EIS

Rebuild by Design Meadowlands Flood Protection Project in Bergen County, New Jersey
NOI | DEIS | Final EIS | ROD


Ohio Creek Watershed Project, State of Virginia
NOI | DEIS | Final EIS

Resilient Bridgeport: National Disaster Resilience and Rebuild by Design Projects in the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut
(B-13-DS-09-0001 and B-13-DS-09-0002)
NOI | DEIS | Final EIS | ROD

Transbay Program
(255 Fremont / 222 Beale - Transit Project Area Block 7)
NOI | Final EIS: Transbay Transit Center and Transbay Transit Center - Phase I | 2010 Reevaluation | 2017 Reevaluation

Rim Forest Recovery and Reforestation, State of California
Final EIS | ROD

Rebuild by Design Hudson River Project: Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge in the City of Hoboken, Township of Weehawken and City of Jersey City, NJ
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS | ROD

Coastal and Social Resiliency Initiatives for Tottenville Shoreline, Staten Island, NY
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS | ROD


East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, City of New York, NY
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS | ROD


Crystal Beach Wastewater Collection System, Galveston, TX


HOPE SF Development at Potrero Terrace and Potrero Annex Public Housing Development, San Francisco, CA
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS

HOPE SF Development at Sunnydale and Velasco Public Housing Developments, San Francisco, CA
NOI | NOI Update | Draft EIS | Final EIS

Halletts Point Rezoning Project, Queens, NY
NOI | Final EIS


Sunset Area Community, City of Renton, WA
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS

Yesler Terrace Redevelopment Project, City of Seattle, WA
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS

West Coast Recycling Group Project, City of West Sacramento, CA
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS

HOPE SF Development at Alice Griffith Public Housing Development, City and County of San Francisco, CA
NOI | Draft EIS | Final EIS