Environmental Assessments

Environmental assessments are prepared under the National Environmental Policy Act to determine whether a project requires an environmental impact statement or a finding of no significant impact.

When conducting an environmental assessment for a HUD-assisted project, refer to the resources below for guidance.

NEPAssist is a tool that facilitates the environmental review process and project planning in relation to environmental considerations. The web-based application draws environmental data dynamically from EPA's Geographic Information System databases and web services and provides immediate screening of environmental assessment indicators for a user-defined area of interest. These features contribute to a streamlined review process that potentially raises important environmental issues at the earliest stages of project development.

Part 58 Environmental Assessment Form
This is the recommended format for conducting Part 58 environmental assessments.

Environmental Assessment Factors and NEPA Analysis
In addition to compliance with the laws and authorities at 24 CFR 50.4 or 24 CFR 58.6 and 58.5 (also known as the Statutory Checklist), environmental assessments must consider an array of additional potential impacts of the project. This resource lists the additional environmental assessment factors and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis that would be required of an environmental assessment for HUD-assisted projects. Note: This document presents only the factors not included in a categorically excluded, subject to (CEST) review and should be used for reference only.

Environmental Assessment Factors Guidance
One component of the environmental assessment is an analysis of the project’s impacts on land development, socioeconomic factors, community facilities and services, and natural features. (See the Environmental Assessment Factors section of the recommended form or the Environmental Assessment Factors and NEPA Analysis reference document). This document provides guidance on how to analyze each of those factors.

Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Website
The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) oversees environmental review policies across federal agencies.

CEQ Guidance
Select documents prepared by the Council on Environmental Quality that provide guidance on the NEPA process.

CEQ Regulations
The CEQ regulations on environmental assessments found at 40 CFR 1501.3.