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Recipients with HUD funding received through CoC homeless assistance grants (e.g., Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care, Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program, CoC Program) are required to submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) electronically to HUD every operating year. Data collection for the APR is aligned with the most recent version of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Data Standards.

Prior to April 2017, APRs were submitted through e-snaps. All APRs are now submitted in HUD’s Sage HMIS Reporting Repository.

Resources for submitting APRs in Sage are available in the “Guides and Tools” and “Webinars and Virtual Trainings” tabs below.

If you have questions regarding the APR, please submit them to Ask A Question. Select either the reporting system e-snaps or Sage when prompted on screen 2.

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Guides and Tools

Sage HMIS Reporting Repository Validation Tables

Sage requires that the Comma Separated Value (CSV) Annual Performance Report (APR), CSV Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), and CSV Coordinated Entry (CE) APR files meet specific formatting criteria. These requirements are detailed in the Validation Tables.

Date Published: August 2021

CoC APR: Sage HMIS Reporting Repository Templates

To help users understand what they will be reporting in the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository, HUD has published several templates. These templates allow users to know what data they are reporting in Sage. It is not intended to replace electronic data collection in Sage.

Date Published: August 2021

Sage CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs

The Sage CoC APR Guidebook is intended to assist with the data entry into Sage for all CoC recipients, including recipients of funds under the CoC Program, Supportive Housing Program (SHP), Shelter Plus Care (S+C), and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy (SRO).

Date Published: May 2020

CoC Grant Consolidation APR Guidance

This guide outlines how start and end dates, unit numbers, and APR due dates are calculated for grant consolidations awarded through the FY 2018 CoC competition.

Date Published: April 2019

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

CoC APR and ESG CAPER Training

This training series covers an introduction to the HUD APR and CAPER, data quality, and how to use APR and CAPER data.

Date Published: April 2019

Submitting your APR in Sage, Part 1

This video provides a brief overview of how to submit your CoC APR in Sage. This content will cover how to initiate and complete several sections of your APR.

Date Published: October 2017

Submitting your APR in Sage, Part 2

This video focuses on how to complete the CSV upload process in Sage for your CoC APR.

Date Published: October 2017

APR Training: Using Sage to Complete Your APR

This webinar provides an overview of how to use the Sage Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Repository to complete your CoC APR.

Date Published: April 2017

Sage Training Video – How to Create an Account

This short training video walks CoCs and CoC homeless assistance grant recipients through the steps for creating an account in the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository.

Date Published: March 2017

APR Training: Overview of the Sage HMIS Repository Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of HUD’s new reporting system for the submission of its CoC APR.

Date Published: March 2017

HMIS Vendor Information

CoC APR and ESG CAPER HMIS Programming Specifications

These HUD HMIS Programming Specification documents detail the business rules required for the HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Annual Performance Report (APR) and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER).

Date Published: August 2021