DRGR Account Registration, Modification, or Deactivation

Grantee Users

Request a New Account, Modify an Existing Account, or Request a Deactivation

Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR) System users should submit requests for new user accounts and account changes within DRGR. Please follow the Managing Grantee User Accounts instructions in Chapter 5: User Management and Certifications, of the DRGR User Manual.

Once approved by HUD, the user(s) and requestor(s) are notified via email that the requested account(s) have been set-up.

Please note that only the following users may create new or update user requests:

  • All users with “User Profile Request” role
  • HUD HQ Admins
  • HUD Superusers

HUD Users

New HUD DRGR users in HUD Headquarters and HUD Field Offices must have their supervisor submit a DIAMS request to add DRGR to their systems profile. DIAMS can be accessed at http://diams.hud.gov.

The request must be made using the Application Access icon. It should list DRGRS-C08A as the application and READ/WRITE as the access type for most HUD users other than Office of Inspector General (OIG). OIG user requests should insert the following into the special instructions section “Office of Inspector General profile requested”.

Once created, the new HUD user and requestor are notified via email that the requested account has been set-up. The new HUD user’s account will require certification by their designated DRGR Field Office Manager before initial login. In most cases, this will be a Community Planning and Development (CPD) Manager.

DRGR Field Managers will be certified/recertified by DRGR Superusers and should contact DRGRHelp@hud.gov for this, as needed. Recertification of DRGR accounts will be required every six months.