DCTA Engagement Spotlight

To learn more about ways the Distressed Cities and Persistent Poverty Technical Assistance (DCTA) program is helping local governments build capacity, explore these stories. Each Engagement Spotlight showcases some of the exciting achievements by local governments and nonprofits participating in the DCTA program.

To learn more about the DCTA Program, visit the DCTA webpage on HUD.gov.

Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Yabucoa, PR

With the help of DCTA, Yabucoa is making the most of federal funding, including an influx of disaster recovery funds. New economic development and affordable housing partnerships have added depth to the municipality’s resources, and new strategies provide a clear path toward its goals.

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Coamo, Puerto Rico

West Memphis, AR

Learn how TA helped city leaders build capacity and develop a land bank to facilitate affordable housing development and to help first time home buyers achieve home ownership. With new knowledge, partnerships, and ways to engage its citizens, West Memphis can see a path to revitalizing the southeastern quadrant of the city.

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Coamo, Puerto Rico

Coamo, PR

Learn about the exciting ways that Coamo has increased its capacity for managing federal grants and maximizing funding. Their economic development and affordable housing strategies provide examples of how local partnerships can support and advance growth in new ways.

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Hannibal, Missouri

Hannibal, MO

One of the core objectives of the DCTA Program is helping cities build their capacity to achieve their goals. See how this community is working with a regional economic development partner to advance strategies for National Main Street status, Kiva Program participation, and other partnerships to meet its goals.

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New Castle, Pennsylvania

New Castle, PA

New Castle is working to facilitate economic and community development through stronger partnerships, coordinated planning, and increased staff capacity. City leaders are taking action with initiatives designed to enhance the vitality of the area by using a transformative approach focused on relationship-building and collaboration.

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