Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards

Many HUD programs require housing providers, housing developers, and contractors to comply with federal labor provisions. This includes paying federal prevailing wage rates on covered projects. HUD’s Office of Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards (DBLS) is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal labor standards and maintenance wage rate requirements in HUD programs. DBLS works with contractors, housing and community development industry groups, governmental agencies at the local, state, and tribal level, and organized labor groups to administer and enforce these federal labor provisions.

HUD DBLS provides these self-paced online trainings to support the education of new directors and staff managing HUD grants or public housing authorities that are covered by Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA). The trainings assist new staff to understand the federal labor standards requirements under DBRA. Additionally, these trainings are great refresher courses for experienced staff within Local Contracting Agencies (LCAs) on requirements under DBRA.

For more information visit the Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards page on HUD.gov.

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Davis-Bacon Labor Standards 101 for LCAs: An Introduction to Federal Labor Standards

This online training provides LCAs basic information they need to administer the Davis-Bacon Act (the Act) so they can apply the provisions of the Act properly. The training is divided into three modules: LCA responsibilities under the Act, reporting requirements under the Act, and operational information needed for administering the Act. After completing this training, LCAs will understand their responsibilities and requirements under the Act.

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Davis-Bacon Labor Standards: Payroll Analysis Training

This online training will build the capacity of LCAs to correctly conduct payroll analysis, including certified payroll reviews, apprentice documentation, payroll deduction authorizations, delegations of authority, and other things to look for when reviewing certified payrolls for Davis-Bacon construction activities. This training will build the capacity of construction contractors to provide accurate and timely certified payrolls to LCAs and HUD.