ConnectHomeUSA Playbook Toolkits and Guides

In twelve short chapters, the ConnectHomeUSA Playbook lays out the steps and strategies necessary to establish a comprehensive digital inclusion program in HUD-assisted communities.

This collection of toolkits and guides complement key chapters of the Playbook by providing more in-depth information, as well as checklists and templates, to help ConnectHomeUSA staff implement important tasks. Additionally, there are toolkits covering topics that can make working easier, help grow partnership networks, and attract funders.

These resources are packed with practical information that can help ConnectHomeUSA staff build lasting digital inclusion programs that are responsive to their community’s needs.


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Launchpad Toolkit

This toolkit provides in-depth information around the topics that are key to helping communities get their ConnectHomeUSA programs off the ground.

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Convening Toolkit

This toolkit provides planning guidance and templates to organize events that give communities the opportunity to present their digital equity plans, solicit feedback, and enlist support.

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Action Plan Toolkit

This toolkit provides a detailed roadmap and timeline for achieving key milestones towards goals.

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Partnership Building Toolkit

This toolkit provides tips and tools that can help build strong ties to existing partners and strategies to build new ones.

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Fundraising Strategies Toolkit

This toolkit provides a variety of resources and key concepts necessary to develop an effective fundraising plan.

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Media Guide and Toolkit

This toolkit provides communication strategies, a timeline, and templates to help lay the foundation for a sustainable program.

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Virtual Event Planning Toolkit

This toolkit provides key planning steps, a helpful case study, and a timeline for organizing a successful virtual event.


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Resident Engagement Best Practices Guide

This guide covers key strategies, best practices, and additional resources to help create a robust resident engagement plan.

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Coalition Building Best Practices Guide

The guide uses best practices gleaned from two ConnectHomeUSA communities to cover key concepts and steps to successful coalition building.

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Digital Literacy Resource Guide

This guide provides resources to help design and implement digital literacy programs for residents of various skill levels.