CoC Program Resources for Tribal Communities

The CoC Program Series for Tribal Communities and Organizations New to the CoC Program offers resources to Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs), and Tribal communities to assess whether the CoC Program supports community priorities and activities. For Tribes and TDHEs who decide to participate in the program, this Series contains information on how to engage in CoC activities and apply for funding.

Be on the lookout for two additional collections of resources that will support your path through the CoC Program:

  • Joining an Existing CoC
  • Establishing a New CoC

Welcome to the CoC Program

Thank you for choosing to learn more about the CoC Program. As a Tribe, TDHE, and/or Tribal community, you are invited to review this Welcome which offers information about why this Series is being provided, how it could assist your assessment of the CoC Program, and whether the program will help you meet the needs of your community.

View the CoC Program Welcome

Considering the CoC Program


This collection of resources strives to support Tribes and TDHEs considering participation in the CoC Program. The set is designed to flow from resources 1 to 6. View the Glossary for definitions of CoC Program terms used in the Series.

CoC Program Participation Decision-Making Approach, the first resource, centers around three aspects of the CoC Program:

  • Activities
  • Roles
  • Funding

Each of the corresponding resources explores in more detail the activities that can be undertaken to address community needs, the ways Tribes, TDHEs, and other organizations can participate in the CoC Program, and the potential amount of funding available. These resources offer worksheets Tribal communities can use to assess whether the CoC Program is right for them.

The CoC Program Participation Decision and Assessment resource pulls together these considerations to assist Tribes and TDHEs in making a decision on whether to participate and, if so, whether to join an existing CoC or establish a new CoC. The last resource, Continuing the CoC Program Paths, prepares Tribes and TDHEs to continue a path towards participation.

The process for considering the CoC program includes assessing community needs and priorities with CoC program activities, understanding and comparing recipient and CoC roles and responsibilities, and learning about potential funding amount available through an existing and a new CoC. Then a decision is made on whether to participate in the CoC program which will determine how Tribes, TDHEs, and Tribal communities may continue their CoC Program path.


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Decision-Making Approach

Describes a decision-making approach that considers CoC Program activities, roles, and funding.

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Assesses community needs and priorities with CoC Program activities.

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Compares recipient and CoC roles and responsibilities.

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Describes potential funding amounts available through an existing CoC and a new CoC.

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Decision and Assessment

Poses a series of questions about participating in the CoC Program.


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Continue Your Path

Identifies next steps on the paths to join an existing CoC or establish a new CoC.


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