CoC Program Toolkit - Grant Administration (Includes Recordkeeping and Financial)

Resources address the grant administration requirements under the CoC Program to include recordkeeping, match, and financial management.

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CoC and ESG Virtual Binders cover foundational topics from the CoC and ESG programs, with the goal to transfer basic knowledge to grantees in order to more successfully administer their projects.

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Overview of Grant Administration

Resources categorized under Overview of Grant Administration provide introductory, high-level information about administering a CoC Program grant and include a crosswalk between the requirements under the legacy homeless programs and the new CoC Program, the different stages of a grant, recordkeeping requirements, and grant amendments.

Indirect Cost Toolkit for CoC and ESG Programs

This toolkit has been developed to assist recipients and subrecipients under the CoC and ESG programs to better understand indirect costs—such as facility or administrative costs—and how they can be calculated and charged under these programs. Recipients can use this toolkit to make an informed decision concerning the best method for computing and seeking reimbursement for indirect costs under ESG and CoC program grants.

Date Published: March 2021

CoC Program Environmental Review Flow Chart

This tool provides CoC Program recipients assistance in correctly identifying what level of environmental review is required for their CoC Program project(s). This tool provides links to the following forms: CoC Program 'CEST' Limited Scope Review, Exempt/CENST, EA, and CEST.

Date Published: October 2016

Icon for Online ModuleCoC Program: Grant and Project Administration Requirements Online Training Module

This online training module ensures that recipients and subrecipients understand the primary responsibilities in administering a CoC Program project. The module includes a summary of information about the requirements established for recipients and subrecipients in the CoC Program interim rule.

Date Published: April 2016

Converting Site-Based Projects Under 15- or 20-Year Use Restrictions Without Having to Repay Funds

This guidance document provides information and alternatives on what recipients of CoC Program funds can do with properties under use restrictions.

Date Published: January 2016

Icon for WebinarCoC Program Start Up Training Webinars for FY 2013 Funds

The purpose of this training is to assist recipients and subrecipients of CoC Program funds awarded under the CoC Program interim rule (24 CFR part 578) to gain an understanding of the requirements and responsibilities related to operations and grant administration. This training applies to projects awarded with FY 2013 funds under the FY 2013/FY 2014 CoC Program Competition and any future competitions awarded under the interim rule.

Date Published: February 2015

Icon for WebinarCoC Program Amendments Video

This video provides an overview of the ability of grant recipients and subrecipients to make changes to a project.

Date Published: September 2013

Icon for BroadcastCoC Program: Grant Administration Broadcast

This broadcast provides an overview of the grant administration requirements under the new CoC Program. The broadcast focuses on the stages of a CoC Program grant, helping the listener understand what to expect at each stage.

Date Published: September 2013

CoC Program Grants Administration User Guide

This user guide reviews the standards for administering CoC Program grants, with a specific focus on the grant award requirements in Subpart C and the grant administration requirements in Subpart G of the CoC Program interim rule.

Date Published: April 2013

Match Requirements

Resources categorized under Match Requirements explain what match is under the new CoC Program, how to calculate it, and how to document it to ensure that recipients and subrecipients avoid monitoring and compliance issues.

Icon for PodcastImportance of Documenting Match Under the CoC Program Podcast

This podcast provides an overview of CoC Program matching requirements and documentation.

Date Published: September 2013

Icon for WebinarMatch Requirements in the CoC Program Video

This video provides an overview on changes to the match requirements under the CoC Program interim rule.

Date Published: September 2013


Resources categorized under Recordkeeping assist CoCs in collecting HMIS data throughout a project’s lifespan and explain the recordkeeping requirements associated with classifying individuals and families as homeless.

Icon for WebinarCoC HMIS Recordkeeping Requirements Start Up Training Webinar

This webinar, presented as a part of the CoC Start Up Training series, provides an overview of HMIS data collection requirements for FY 2013 recipients with projects funded under the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule.

Date Published: June 2014

Criteria and Recordkeeping Requirements for Definition of Homelessness

This two-page document provides a high-level overview of the homeless definition by outlining the criteria for defining homelessness and the recordkeeping requirements based on four categories under which individuals and families may qualify as homeless.

Date Published: January 2012