HUD Regional Teams

As part of HUD’s collaboration with communities to address and end homelessness, the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) relaunched the Regional Teams initiative in October 2019. Each Regional Team covers the Continuums of Care (CoCs) in one of HUD’s 10 geographic regions. CoCs can see which region they belong to by viewing the map on

Each CoC can access an assigned TA provider from their Regional Team who serves as their Point of Contact (POC). This POC is intended to be a trusted resource and point of continuity for CoCs. They can answer questions, discuss issues and challenges, and make connections to TA tools and resources. To identify your CoC’s Regional Team POC, please review the Points of Contact section and map below.

Regional Teams Technical Assistance for CoCs

Regional Teams will support CoCs through learning opportunities with peer CoCs, subject matter experts, and direct connections to TA support. Regional Teams will support CoCs with challenges they face and help strengthen their overall system in care. For communities interested in additional information, view the Regional Teams TA Flyer for CoCs. For TA providers, Field Offices, or other partners interested in additional information, view the Regional Teams TA Flyer for TA Providers.

Regional Teams TA is meant to be consistent but lighter touch support. If you need more in-depth support, you can discuss with your Regional Team POC and if more intensive TA is needed, you can request intensive TA.

CoC Contacts

The information included in the map below is for the Regional Team POC. To connect with contacts within a specific CoC, please click “Contact Your Local CoC”. This provides information about the Collaborative Applicant, HMIS Lead, and Point of Contact for people experiencing homelessness for every CoC across the country.

Contact Your Local CoC

Points of Contact

HUD's Regional Teams initiative provides a HUD TA POC for every CoC across the country. To identify who the Regional Team POC is for your community, hover over your community's geographic area. You can also use the filters to the right of the map to review by Region, Geographic Category, and/or CoC number, name, and state. Filters can be used in combination with each other or independently.

*Note: Communities whose POC has an (S1) indicator after their name are currently supported through an initiative other than HUD's Regional Teams. The person listed for these communities is not the Regional Team POC but is the most current HUD TA contact for the community.