CoC Consumer Engagement

Those with lived experiences of homelessness typically have the best understanding of the reality of our work to prevent and end homelessness – both in terms of the problems that exist and the knowledge of the services and interventions that are the most effective solutions. This is why it is so important to meaningfully and intentionally integrate them into the decision-making structure of our work at the system and program level. HUD recognizes the importance of their participation and wants stakeholders to share in our commitment to finding effective ways to hear the voices of persons with lived experience of homelessness. This page provides resources related to improving the intentional and meaningful engagement of consumer voices in our work.


  • Let's Talk: Rehousing Strategy, Service Delivery and System Reform - This June 2020 webinar featured three individuals with a history of activism and service to people experiencing homelessness both in shelter and on the streets. Shawn Jones, Eric Sheptock, and Chase Evans shared their perspectives on rehousing strategy, service delivery and system reform. In addition, SNAPS was joined by Aishwarya Raja from Mask Transit who shared how her program provides masks and education to vulnerable communities.
  • Engaging Persons with Lived Experience of Homelessness in Your COVID-19 Response - This May 2020 webinar discussed best practices and strategies for engaging persons with lived experience of homelessness in COVID-19 planning and response.
  • SNAPS In Focus: Integrating Persons with Lived Experiences in our Efforts to Prevent and End Homelessness - In this SNAPS In Focus message, HUD provides examples of the importance of meaningfully and intentionally integrating those with lived experiences of homelessness into the decision-making structure of our work at the system and program level.
  • CoC Quarterly Call Recording - June 2019 - This call features presentations on engaging persons with lived experience from SNAPS, the City of Austin (TX) Homelessness Advisory Council, and The Journey Home: Baltimore (MD) Lived Experience Advisory Committee.
  • Identifying and Addressing Homelessness Consumer Voices Webinar - This 2015 webinar, hosted by SAMHSA's Homeless and Housing Resource Network (HHRN), provides information on the barriers of LGBTQ-2, including employment discrimination, homelessness, healthcare, workplace barriers, and mental health issues. The webinar will also focus on successes that the LGBTQ community has gained along the lines of marriage equality, decrease of stigma, and general acceptance from communities.