CoC Program Grant Administration

Resources address the requirements for administering a Continuum of Care (CoC) Program grant, amending a grant, meeting and documenting match requirements, and monitoring.

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Overview of Grant Administration

Resources categorized under Overview of Grant Administration provide introductory, high-level information about administering a CoC Program grant and include a crosswalk between the requirements under the legacy homeless programs and the new CoC Program, the different stages of a grant, recordkeeping requirements, and grant amendments.

CoC Program: Grant Administration Broadcast

This broadcast provides an overview of the grant administration requirements under the new CoC Program. The broadcast focuses on the stages of a CoC Program grant, helping the listener understand what to expect at each stage.

Date Published: September 2013

CoC Program Amendments Video

This video provides an overview of the ability of grant recipients and subrecipients to make changes to a project.

Date Published: September 2013

Match Requirements

Resources categorized under Match Requirements explain what match is under the new CoC Program, how to calculate it, and how to document it to ensure that recipients and subrecipients avoid monitoring and compliance issues.

Match Requirements in the CoC Program Video

This video provides an overview on changes to the match requirements under the CoC Program interim rule.

Date Published: September 2013

Importance of Documenting Match Under the CoC Program Podcast

This podcast provides an overview of CoC Program matching requirements and documentation.

Date Published: September 2013