CoC "HEARTH-Implementation" Check-up

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Check-up process was initiated by HUD in November 2011. The CoC Check-up helps Continuums of Care assess their strengths and weaknesses regarding implementation the Continuum of Care Program and other HEARTH programs, in addition to informing HUD on potential CoC technical assistance (TA) and training needs. Note a Continuum cannot receive HUD Technical Assistance (TA) without having completed the CoC Check-up.

The Check-up includes:

  • A self-administered, online survey of major stakeholders;
  • A process to review existing local data on homelessness;
  • The development of a "HEARTH-implementation" rating; and
  • A community plan to address HEARTH "implementation" issues.

Learn more about the CoC Check-up Process. For questions about the CoC Check-up process, please submit them via Ask A Question.

CoC Lead Portal

CoC Leads can access the CoC Lead Portal at any time during the year to generate FY2012 CoC Check-up reports and upload new versions of the CoC Action Plan.

2012 CoC “HEARTH-Readiness” Check-up

The 2012 CoC Check-up is closed.  For the results of your local Continuum's Check-up, contact your local CoC Lead.


Guides and Tools

CoC Check-up Materials

The following materials are available regarding the Check-up process:

CoC Check-up Self Assessment Surveys by Stakeholder Type

HUD has provided blank copies of each self-assessment survey for reference.

Webinars, Demonstration Videos, and Virtual Trainings

These webinars provide detailed instructions to CoC Leads and stakeholders on how to complete the CoC Check-up process.

Introduction to the Continuum of Care Check-up
This webinar introduces CoC Leads and CoC Stakeholders to the Continuum of Care (CoC) Check-up, a new process designed by HUD to help CoCs determine their current capacity and performance and the degree to which CoCs are prepared for HEARTH implementation.

Date Published: November 2011

CoC Check-up Next Steps
This webinar provides an overview of next steps for CoCs, including a review of CoC Check-up self-assessment reports, new Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) reports, self-assessment tools, the CoC Action Plan template, and related instructions for completing the CoC Check-up.

Date Published: January 2012