Continuum of Care 2.0 Prezis

Prezi is a specific type of presentation software. In place of slides and bullet points, Prezi uses a "zoomable canvas" upon which concepts can be displayed. The viewer navigates amongst the data and visuals along a pre-determined "path" to gain the knowledge being imparted.

Navigation Tip: Prezi can be viewed using auto-play, or by manually clicking through the slides. To use auto-play, click on the play button at the bottom left of the slide window to activate. 

System Requirements: All major browsers (Internet Explore 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3 and above, Google Chrome, Safari) are supported. For the best experience use Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 4+, Safari 4+. Adobe Flash Player 10.3 is required, which may be downloaded at

To view on the iPad, the Prezi iPad application must be downloaded.Once you have downloaded the app, you can tap the “download” icon in the center of the Prezi as viewed on the website, and the Prezi you have selected will start to download in the app.

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