CoC 2.0 Training Materials

These resources are provided to assist Continuum of Care (CoC) Lead Agencies, CoC Collaborative Applicants, and grant recipients and subrecipients to meet the specific requirements for which they are responsible. Resources assist with the establishment, governance, and operation of a CoC, as well as inform the implementation and operation of projects and the administration of grant funds. Resources are provided in a variety of formats, including online self-paced trainings, broadcasts, podcasts, videos, and presentations.

*Coming Soon* In the coming months, HUD will post resources on the following topics: High Performing Communities, Determining and Documenting Homelessness, and Project Management and Project Administration.

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Introduction to the CoC Program

Resources include links to the laws, regulations, and notices upon which the CoC Program is based, overviews of CoC Program requirements, and crosswalks of the regulatory and operational changes between the legacy homeless programs and the CoC Program.

CoC Responsibilities and Duties

Resources cover the range of CoC responsibilities and duties, including CoC governance and structure, system operations and planning, designating and operating the HMIS, and designing a coordinated assessment system. These resources also address the CoC’s responsibilities for preparing and submitting the annual application to HUD for funding, and there is a section specifically for Collaborative Applicants seeking HUD designation as a Unified Funding Agency.

CoC Program Components and Eligible Costs

Resources provide an overview of the program components, as well as target specific components, such as permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, supportive services only, rapid re-housing, and HMIS. Resources also address eligible costs, including leasing and rental assistance.

Grant Administration

Resources address the requirements for managing and administering projects.

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Featured Resource

Introduction to Continuum of Care 2.0

This video kicks off the new online curriculum for HUD’s homeless assistance programs under the HEARTH Act, and introduces the HUD online training materials available to communities.