Capital Needs Assessment e-Tool

The Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) e-Tool automates and standardizes the preparation, submission, and review of a capital needs assessment.

This page contains training for CNA e-Tool v.3.0. The CNA e-Tool v.3.0 is now live and can be accessed through the CNA e-Tool Homepage.

Learning Pathway

Multifamily housing

Master the CNA e-Tool Version 3.0

Learn how to use the CNA e-Tool version 3.0, including how to access, draft, and submit CNAs.

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Training Modules

This series of six self-paced training modules provides a comprehensive overview of using the CNA e-Tool.

Access the training modules for the CNA e-Tool Version 3.0.

Quick Video Tutorials

This training series offers short instructional videos on specific topics related to the CNA e-Tool.

View the quick video tutorials for the CNA e-Tool Version 3.0.

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