American Community Survey 5-Year 2008-2012 Persons with Disabilities by Gender and Age and By Race and Ethnicity

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program requires grantees to consider the needs of persons with disabilities in planning and carrying out activities financed with CDBG funds. Grantees need to report on the number of persons with disabilities that have benefited from certain types of activities. The 2008-2012 American Community Survey provides the information needed to fulfill this requirement.

2008-2012 American Community Survey information about the disabled population is contained in table B18101, B18101A, B18101B, B18101C, B18101D, B18101E, B18101F, B18101G, B18101H, and B18101I. The contents of the table are described on the data dictionary page. For the convenience of CDBG grantees, selected variables about the disabled population have been put into excel workbooks with simplified column headings. There is a workbook for each state containing all the split tract level geography (Census Summary Level 080) records in the state. Each record is labeled with the name and Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) code of the CDBG grantee with jurisdiction over the tract. The tract records also are coded with the name and FIPS code numbers of the state, county, place, county subdivision, and Census tract. Split tract level data may be totaled to higher geographic summary levels using these codes. View guidance on how to use these data to report accomplishments in IDIS.

Breakouts by race in the workbooks are as follows:

Breakout by Race

Race Description


White Alone


Black or African American Alone


American Indian and Alaska Native Alone


Asian Alone


Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone

Some Other Race Alone

Some Other Race Alone

Two or More Races

Includes all combinations of two or more races

The ethnic breakouts in the workbooks are as follows:

Breakout by Ethnicity

Ethnicity Description

Hispanic or Latino

Hispanic or Latino

All Other

All other Ethnicities

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