Meeting and Documenting a National Objective

Please complete the quiz at the end of each module before you proceed to the next module. If you answer incorrectly, you will be able to try again until you select the correct response. Scores will not be recorded.

A - Benefit to low- and moderate-income personsCorrect.Typically, public service activities meet the benefit to low and moderate income persons national objective under the Area Benefit or Limited Clientele subcategories.B - Slum/Blighted AreaIncorrect.C - Urgent NeedIncorrect.

A - LMI - Area BenefitIncorrect.B - LMI - Limited ClienteleCorrect.Both senior citizens and persons with disabilities are presumed to be low and moderate income by HUD. Since the activity is designed specifically to assist these population groups it would qualify under the LMI – Limited Clientele subcategory. Note that in order for it to qualify as an expanded service, the grantee will need to demonstrate a quantifiable increase in service from the 12 months prior to its latest Action Plan.C - Slum/Blighted AreaIncorrect.D - Urgent NeedIncorrect.

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