Explore CDBG - Suitable Living Environment

Invest Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds in infrastructure and public services to improve the physical environment and residents’ lives in your community.

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*New* How to Use CDBG for Public Facilities and Improvements

This six-module video describes how to integrate infrastructure activities into your overall community development strategy and why that's important from both federal and local perspectives.


How to Use CDBG for Public Service Activities

This four-module video describes CDBG's eligible and ineligible public service activities, how to ensure your public service program meets a CDBG national objective, and considerations for building an effective public service program to maximize the positive impacts in your community.


The Role of the CDBG Program in Creating a Suitable Living Environment

This video discusses how to engage the community and use data to determine how best to invest public dollars in infrastructure and public services. It presents a holistic approach to community development by investing in public facilities and services to enhance residents’ quality of life.