Explore CDBG - Program Design and Implementation

Be inspired by other grantees through project profiles and the multimedia scrapbook. Learn more about how to implement different types of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) activities – to develop decent housing, ensure suitable living environments, and foster economic opportunities.

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CDBG Project Profiles Website

HUD has collected project profiles from CDBG grantees across the country. Each profile provides a snapshot of a project, detailing place, people and partners and highlights a best practice or innovative use of CDBG funds.

Community Park

CDBG Multimedia Scrapbook: How the CDBG Program Serves Low and Moderate Income Persons and Neighborhoods

The multimedia scrapbook illustrates the stories of several people who have benefited from a program or project funded with the CDBG program. View the self-guided scrapbook to learn how other grantees have helped individuals and communities and how CDBG funds might be used in your community to achieve similar benefits.

Using CDBG for Disaster Response and Recovery

Disasters strike more communities than many people realize. It is important for communities to be prepared. In this webinar, discover how to design your Consolidated and Annual Action Plans to be ready to reprogram funds if necessary, and explore ways to use CDBG for responding to disasters and long-term recovery activities.


Community Park

Suitable Living Environment

Invest CDBG funds in infrastructure and public services to improve the physical environment and residents’ lives in your community.

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Decent Housing

Improve housing conditions in your community using CDBG to fund rehabilitation, energy efficient upgrades, and housing solutions for people with low- and moderate-income.

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Economic Development

Explore how to use CDBG for economic development, including ways to leverage other funds, to create jobs and stimulate investment.

Neighborhood Revitalization

CDBG is a flexible program that helps grantees improve their communities. Use CDBG funds in innovative and strategic ways to meet a broad range of community needs.