Explore CDBG - Decent Housing

Improve housing conditions in your community using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to fund rehabilitation, energy efficient upgrades, and housing solutions for people with low- and moderate-income.

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How to Use CDBG for Housing Activities

This six-module video presents actionable information for using CDBG for eligible housing activities and leveraging local and private funds to meet the housing needs of your community. Viewers will learn about key considerations in housing program design and the kinds of housing activities that can be funded with CDBG, such as housing rehabilitation, home ownership, and rental assistance.

The Role of the CDBG Program in Creating Decent Housing

CDBG-funded housing programs and investments help households with low and moderate incomes secure decent, safe, affordable housing and can be a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization by leveraging other private and public funds. This video reviews how to successfully use CDBG to support residents’ housing needs and as a way to revitalize your community.