CDBG Activity Expenditure Reports

As part of HUD's continuing effort to provide grantees and citizens with information on the status of our programs, the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) has developed profiles that show how each entitlement community expended CDBG funds during its most recently completed program year. These profiles provide information on grantee expenditures by the type of activity undertaken. Since CDBG funds may be used for a wide variety of housing, community, and economic development activities, the use of those funds may be identified in these profiles by as many as 90 different categories (matrix codes) depending on how an entitlement community has chosen to use its funds to meet local needs. With these profiles, you can quickly and easily become more informed on how CDBG funds are being spent by any one of the entitlement grantees to which funds are awarded or at the national level.

If you have any questions regarding the information presented, you should contact the grantee in question. Grantees that have questions about their data should contact their Local HUD Field Office.

Note: Each grantee’s expenditure report is based on its program year, not federal fiscal year. By 12/31/2021, all grantees’ reporting periods for program year 2020 have ended. Therefore, 2020 is the most complete program year for all grantees, and program year 2020 expenditure reports are the most current reports for all grantees.

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National Expenditure Reports (FY 2001 - FY 2022)

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All CDBG Disbursements (Excel File)
Entitlement Disbursements (Excel File)
State Disbursements (Excel File)
HUD Administered Disbursements (Excel File)
Insular Area Disbursements (Excel File)

Other CDBG Reports

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CDBG Activity Expenditure Reports

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