CDBG Accomplishment Reports

The Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) has developed profiles that display accomplishments for selected housing, economic development, public improvement, and public service activities. These profiles contain accomplishments reported by program year by CDBG entitlement communities and states and are part of HUD's continued effort to provide grantees and citizens with information on our programs.

These profiles provide information on grantee accomplishments by the type of activity carried out. The accomplishments appearing in these profiles were reported by grantees in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). Profiles for grantees will vary, as grantees have flexibility in determining the housing, economic, and community development activities they carry out with CDBG funds.

Note: Each grantee’s accomplishment report is based on its program year, not federal fiscal year. By 12/31/2021, all grantees’ reporting periods for program year 2020 have ended. Therefore, 2020 is the most complete program year for all grantees, and program year 2020 accomplishment reports are the most current reports for all grantees.

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National Accomplishment Reports

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FY 2005 - FY 2022 (Excel File)
FY 2004 (Excel File)

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CDBG Accomplishment Reports

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