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Guides and Training Manuals

NewAugust 2020 Deadline: How to Meet Housing Counselor Certification Final Rule Requirements for the CDBG Program

This page describes how to meet the August 2020 deadline to implement housing counseling requirements for CDBG activities.

Basically CDBG for States

This training was developed to guide and assist State CDBG grantees in the implementation of their programs. From national objectives and eligible activities to the details of administration, financial management, and other federal requirements, these resources are valuable for every State CDBG program practitioner.

Date Published: July 2014

IDIS Online for State CDBG Grantees - Training Manual and Slides

This manual explains how to set up, fund, draw funds, and report accomplishments and performance measures for State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) activities in IDIS. Topics related to these CDBG-specific processes are also covered.

Date Published: January 2016

Methods for Improving Timely Performance for the State Community Development Block Grant Program

This guide provides techniques for improving the timely distribution and expenditures of State CDBG grant funds.

Date Published: January 2004

State CDBG Field Office Staff Training

These training slides are from a comprehensive three day training on the State Administered CDBG program provided to HUD Field Office Staff in September 2008.

Date Published: September 2008

State CDBG Grant Administrator Training

These training slides are from the 2009 State Administered CDBG Training for local government grant administrators.

Date Published: May 2009

HOME and CDBG: Working Together to Create Affordable Housing - Training Manual and Slides

This guide outlines the differences between HOME and CDBG and provides a detailed consideration of how to use HOME and CDBG funds to support rental housing, homeownership, rehabilitation, and comprehensive neighborhood revitalization projects.

Date Published: February 2012

CDBG Economic Development Toolkit

This Toolkit provides guidance on the effective use of CDBG funds for financing eligible economic development projects, including microenterprise and small business development, large-scale commercial and industrial development, and job creation, job retention, and job training activities. The Toolkit discusses the basics of financial underwriting and application of HUD’s public benefit standards as well as a variety of economic development financing methods.

Date Published: August 2011

CDBG Crosscutting Issues Toolkit

These toolkits provide information for Entitlement and State CDBG grantees on financial management, environmental, labor standards, acquisition, relocation and fair housing rights. The Toolkit is a complete guide for CDBG grantees searching for applicable statutory requirements, regulations, notices, HUD Handbooks and other useful material.

Date Published: April 2010

Tools and Templates

CPD Income Eligibility Calculator

The CPD Income Eligibility Calculator is a tool to help CPD grantees determine income eligibility and assistance amounts for beneficiaries of most CPD programs.

CPD Monitoring

This page provides information and resources to CPD grantees and CPD Field Office staff to assist in preparing for a HUD monitoring review, conducting a self-review, or monitoring subrecipients and other partners.

HUD Community Planning and Development Monitoring Handbook - 6509.2 REV-6

This Handbook establishes standards and provides guidance for CPD Field Staff to monitor CPD programs and technical functions.

Date Published: February 2017

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

Search the CDBG State Program training archive.

Explore CDBG Technical Assistance Products

This collection of online products demonstrate the values, goals and successes of the CDBG Program, whom it serves, and why this program benefits communities around the country. The products include project profiles, videos, Prezis, and a multimedia scrapbook.

Date Published: August 2018

IDIS Training for CDBG Grantees

These modules provide instruction on using IDIS Online for the CDBG Program.

Date Published: August 2018

Financial Management 201: CDBG Online Module

This module provides an overview of CDBG financial management.

Date Published: April 2017

2017 CDBG and CDBG-DR (States only) Updates and Clarifications to Procurement Requirements Webinar

This webinar focuses on procurement requirements for the CDBG State and Disaster Recovery Programs. This webinar covers the latest guidance under the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance as provided in 2 CFR Part 200.

Date Published: April 2017

Section 3 Reporting Using SPEARS v2.0 for State CDBG Grantees Webinar

This webinar provides information for State CDBG grantees on reporting Section 3 outcomes in the Section 3 Performance Evaluation and Registry System (SPEARS).

Date Published: May 2016

Grant Based Accounting for CDBG Grantees Webinar

This webinar provides an introduction to Grant Based Accounting principles and practices for CDBG grantees.

Date Published: July 2015

CDBG Code Enforcement Webinar

This webinar offers guidance on code enforcement activities for the CDBG Program.

Date Published: April 2015

Allocating Staff Costs Between Administrative and Activity Delivery Costs for CDBG Grantees Webinar

This webinar provides information on the allocation of staff costs for the CDBG Program between two cost categories:

Date Published: March 2014

CDBG Training Modules

This training includes video training modules on eight components of the CDBG Program: Statute, Regulations, and National Objectives; State CDBG Program; Administration, Planning, and Financial Management; Housing and Real Property; Public Facilities, Public Services, and Other Activities; Economic Development; Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program; and IDIS, Performance Measurement, and Reporting.

Date Published: January 2008

Using State CDBG Funds to Promote Economic Development Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of using State CDBG funds to promote economic development.

Date Published: March 2011

Using Section 108 Loan Guarantee Financing To Promote Economic Development Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of using Section 108 Loan Guarantee Financing to promote economic development.

Date Published: March 2011

CDBG Economic Development Forum Webinar

This webinar provides scenarios, questions, and answers regarding Eligibility, National Objectives, and Public Benefit Standards (and applicable documentation); Microenterprises and Commercial Rehabilitation; and Section 108 loan Guarantee, Mixed-Use Development, Community Economic Development Project, and Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas. 

Date Published: March 2011

FFATA Subaward Reporting System Webinar for CDBG Grantees

This webinar held on November 2, 2010 provides an overview of the Federal Funding and Transparency Act of 2006 Subaward Reporting System. FAQs are also provided.

Date Published: November 2010