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The following CDBG-DR Reports are available:

CDBG-DR Grants Financial Report

A list of all active CDBG-Disaster Recovery grants, sorted by State. Identifying grant balance, and identifying Top Performers and Slow Spenders.

2008 Grants Targeted for Closeout

A list of grants targeted for closeout, sorted by the grant balance. Identifying grants: In Closeout, Slow Spenders, and Top Performers.

CDBG-DR Affordable Rental Housing Expenditures

A report of 2006 and 2008 Grantees progress toward achieving the Affordable Rental Housing expenditure requirements.

Disaster Recovery Enhancement Fund (DREF) Expenditures

A report of grantee progress toward achieving the DREF expenditure requirements. Identifying spending and reporting shortfalls.

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Training Materials

Training Archive

View an archive of training material from past training. Use the search and filters to refine your search.

Upcoming Training

View upcoming CDBG-DR training.

Featured Training Material

CDBG-DR Program Overview

2016 CDBG-DR Webinar Series for New Grantees

These webinars for new CDBG-DR grantees cover the following topics:

  • Overview of CDBG-DR
  • Action Plans, Citizen Participation, Limited English Proficiency
  • Program Planning, Administration, Activity Delivery
  • Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting System (DRGR)
  • Duplication of Benefits
  • Environmental Review