IDIS and Reporting

Since June of 2020, HUD has completed several IDIS updates to allow the system to capture, track, and distinguish information on CARES Act grants and activities. These include a new CDBG-CV Financial Summary Report (PR26), and a new CDBG CARES Act grants Financial Summary Report (PR28). Several reports were updated to add prompts and fields for CARES Act grants.

To track activities that prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, HUD added a checkbox to the activity set up screen in IDIS. In addition to following the regular rules (Rules for Setting Up CDBG Activity and Reporting ADC) to set up CDBG activities, those that prevent, prepare, and respond to coronavirus must be set up separately from other activities, even if they have the same matrix code and are carried out by the same entity. If a grantee funded an activity that was not initially intended to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, the grantee cannot add CDBG-CV funds and claim the whole activity meets the intent of the CDBG-CV program. It must set up a new activity with CDBG-CV funds for the coronavirus-related activity.


Available Training
  • IDIS Set up and Reporting for the CDBG-CV Program Webinar – coming soon