BBC Multifamily Sector Eligibility, Commitment, and Benefits


Owners and managers of housing portfolios that include at least 2 multifamily buildings of 5 or more units are eligible to join the Better Buildings Challenge (BBC). Current BBC Multifamily Sector Partners include a diverse range of organizations. No preexisting relationship with HUD or the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is required to join the BBC. However, organizations that are part of HUD's assisted and public housing programs may be eligible for certain incentives through those programs when joining the BBC. BBC Multifamily Sector Partners must pledge to improve the energy use intensity of their entire multifamily housing portfolio by at least 20 percent within 10 years of commitment.

Partner Commitment

As a partner of the BBC Multifamily Sector, you commit to:

  1. 1

    Pledge a portfolio-wide energy savings goal of at least 20 percent within 10 years.*

    BBC Multifamily Sector Partners must pledge to improve the energy use intensity of their entire multifamily housing portfolio by at least 20 percent within 10 years of commitment. When pledging, partners must assign a senior executive and primary point of contact for the program. Within 1 month, partners must create their Partner Profile Page on the Better Buildings Solutions Center website.

    *Partners are strongly encouraged to consider making a pledge to reduce portfolio-wide water consumption as well.
  2. 2

    Showcase energy efficiency projects and implementation models.

    Sharing energy saving solutions with the public is a key part of the program. BBC Multifamily Sector Partners develop at least 1 Showcase Project case study (e.g., green retrofit, retro-commission) on their Better Buildings Profile Page. Partners also develop at least 1 energy efficient Implementation Model, which explores organization-wide policy or operational changes in depth. Showcase Projects and Implementation Models are shared on each partner’s Better Buildings Profile Page.
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    Report results by sharing energy performance data that demonstrates success.

    BBC Multifamily Sector Partners commit to share information on their progress towards their goal. Within 12 months, the partner must make portfolio-wide, property-level energy performance information available and track progress thereafter on an annual basis until the goal is reached. This data sharing is a simple type of utility benchmarking and culminates in the partner publishing a Data Display on their Better Buildings Partner Profile Page each year.

Download the DOE/HUD Multifamily Sector Partnership Agreement

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The primary reason that many partners join the BBC is to achieve significant utility cost savings within their real estate portfolios. As a group, BBC Multifamily Sector Partners are on track to save billions of dollars over the next decade through energy and water efficiency measures that generate high returns on investment. In addition, investment in energy and water efficiency has a range of other positive impacts that also motivate partners to join. As they achieve their BBC energy reduction goals, partners also:

  • Promote tenant health
  • Promote comfort, and satisfaction
  • Create thousands of jobs
  • Preserve affordable housing
  • Promote energy independence and climate mitigation

The following are different benefits and incentives that organizations can access once they join the BBC that help them pursue these goals and receive recognition as they achieve them.

Account Management

Each BBC Multifamily Sector Partner is supported by a BBC Account Manager, who acts as a liaison for the program. Account Managers help partners reach their utility benchmarking reporting requirements and help them develop Showcase Projects, Implementation Models, and Data Displays. Account Managers also keep partners informed about events, trainings, resources, and tools that can help partners meet their goals, as well as the latest news about the BBC and the annual Better Buildings Summit.

Technical Assistance

HUD offers direct technical assistance to BBC Multifamily Sector Partners to help them meet their energy/water commitments under the BBC. By requesting this service, partners can gain support from experts in architecture, engineering, construction, and finance to overcome specific obstacles that they are facing. In the past, technical assistance has been used to conduct diagnostic building assessments, help structure power purchase agreements, design green O&M protocols, initiate utility benchmarking practices, and to assist with portfolio planning, energy management, and much more.

Find more information on HUD's free technical assistance

Wider Recognition

On an on-going basis, HUD and DOE recognize partner success for achieving program milestones and energy/water efficiency results. Through articles, blogs, tweets, and events, HUD and DOE highlight the leadership of BBC Multifamily Sector Partners and showcase innovative approaches to improving building performance.

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