Retrofit Planning

Multifamily Retrofit Toolkit: Step-by-Step Retrofit Process

This resource from Enterprise Community Partners includes the critical steps for retrofitting multifamily affordable housing, from reviewing benchmarked utility data to developing a scope of work to performing ongoing monitoring and evaluation of energy performance.

Multifamily Property Retrofit Screener

Enterprise Community Partners' Excel tool allows users to prioritize properties as good retrofit candidates, identifying buildings with the greatest potential for energy, water efficiency and capital improvements.

Multifamily Energy and Water Audit Protocol

This tool identifies ways to maximize energy and water savings as cost efficiently as possible. The tool provides templates and guidance to conduct a holistic assessment, resulting in an investment-grade report that includes rigorous data analysis and financial analysis for each recommended measure.

Federal Partner Resource

Guide to Energy Audits

This guide provides an overview of the energy audit process, such as determining audit types and levels, reviewing utility data, and selecting an energy auditor.

Roadmap to 20% Energy Reduction Workbook

This Excel-based workbook from Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) helps multifamily property owners develop a strategy for reaching portfolio-wide energy or water reduction targets by entering basic portfolio information, establishing baseline consumption, and planning out various energy- and water-efficient building improvements.

Sample Energy Efficiency Scopes of Work

The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) developed three sample energy efficiency scopes of work to simplify the retrofit process for multifamily property owners. The scopes offer a high-level overview of everything from typical energy efficiency measures, expected costs and savings, and special considerations. The three samples are listed below by their relative level of complexity.

EZ Retrofit Tool

Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) offers this free, do-it-yourself Excel-based audit tool for multifamily property owners to easily identify cost-effective energy and water efficiency upgrades. EZ Retrofit analyzes user inputs about their current systems and recommends improvements to maximize savings.