Uncapped LMISD, Based on 2011-2015 ACS

Ten jurisdictions (metropolitan areas) are exempt from the US median family income cap on income limits, as prescribed by Section 590 of the Quality and Work Responsibility Act of 1998. This exemption is applicable only at the moderate-income limit level. The uncapped limits apply only to entitlement communities in these 10 jurisdictions.

The areas eligible to use uncapped income limits are:

  • Orange County, CA PMSA
  • San Francisco, CA PMSA
  • San Jose, CA PMSA
  • Danbury, CT PMSA
  • Stamford-Norwalk, CT PMSA
  • Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV PMSA
  • Bergen-Passaic, NJ PMSA
  • Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon, NJ PMSA
  • Nassau-Suffolk, NY PMSA
  • Westchester County, NY

The 1999-based Primary Metropolitan Statistical Areas (PMSA) and their components can be found on the Census Bureau's website.

Entitlement grantees in these jurisdictions may choose whether to use uncapped data. If a grantee chooses to use the uncapped data for area benefit activities, it must be used for all area benefit activities throughout the city/county. If a grantee has not previously used the uncapped data, it may choose to do so by identifying the effective date of its use. However, the effective data cannot precede the approval date of the Consolidated Plan Action Plan in which a grantee indicates that it plans to use this uncapped data, or the date a Consolidated Plan Action Plan is amended to reflect the use of this data.

Uncapped Low and Moderate Income Summary Data (LMISD)

Overall LMI% for Uncapped Grantees

Block Groups for Uncapped Grantees

Uncapped LMISD for Exception CDBG grantees