Section 811 PRA Service Partner: State Medicaid and Human Services Agencies

An 811 PRA Service partner is typically a state-level health and human services agency or the state Medicaid office. Service partners play a critical role in the PRA program. The specific responsibilities of 811 PRA service partner agencies are different in each state, and are detailed a document called the PRA Interagency Partnership Agreement (IPA). The IPA is an exhibit of the 811 PRA Cooperative Agreement, and the formal structure for collaboration, signed by the State Housing Agency and the State Human Services/Medicaid Agency, for participation in the PRA Program. The IPA includes descriptions of the target population(s) to be served, methods for outreach and referral, and a commitment to make appropriate services available for PRA participants.

Although each IPA is different, in general, service partner entities typically play two main roles in most PRA states:

  • Service Provision: Funding and/or coordinating the services made available to PRA tenants and determining tenant eligibility for services

  • Tenant Referral: Conducting outreach to potential tenants in compliance with Fair Housing practices and making referrals to the State Housing Agency and/or property owners and management companies

Client Choice is a key element of service provision in the 811 PRA Program. Tenant participation in supportive services is voluntary and cannot be required as a condition of tenancy. Persons with disabilities must have choice in the housing, health care, and related support services they receive as individual states facilitate the transition and integration of individuals with disabilities from institutional and other segregated settings into the community.

Resources for State Medicaid and Human Services Agencies