Section 811 PRA Program Start-Up Guide

HUD Forms and Instructions for PRA Program

The Project Rental Assistance (PRA) Program has developed additional guidance to assist grantees with the process for accessing and using HUD Systems including drawing down Administrative funds, approving owner vouchers for payment and developing monthly program vouchers for draw down of rental assistance payments from HUD.

  1. Section 811 PRA Payment Procedure for Administrative Costs
  2. Start-up Checklist
  3. Form to Request an ARAC or RAC Contract Number
  4. Paper Template Instructions 56270
  5. Paper Voucher Templates
  6. RAC Submission Checklist
  7. Sample RAC (Completed)
  8. Rent Adjustments
  9. RAC Amendment Sample

Start-Up Guide

This 811 PRA Program Online Start-Up Guide is a resource for new PRA Program grantees as well as for staff who are new to an existing PRA Program. The guide highlights important HUD requirements, and provides tools to help grantees comply with these requirements.

Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Program Start-Up Guide