PRA Program Cooperative Agreement

The Section 811 PRA Program Cooperative Agreement outlines grantees requirements for this new program first implemented as a demonstration program in FY 2012. The Cooperative Agreement contains the most up-to-date Program Guidelines for grantees. Below is a sample of the Cooperative Agreement provided to grantees, please refer to HUD for the applicable Cooperative Agreement.

Section 811 PRA Demonstration Cooperative Agreement 

Exhibit 1: Definitions

Exhibit 2: Notice of Funding Availability (please refer to applicable NOFA)

Exhibit 3: InterAgency Partnership Agreement

(See individual states. The InterAgency Agreement is the formal structure for collaboration to participate in the state’s PRA Program to develop permanent supportive housing for extremely low-income persons with disabilities. Signed by the State Housing Agency and the State Human Services/Medicaid Agency (ies), the Agreement includes a detailed description of the target population(s) to be served, methods for outreach and referral, and a commitment to make appropriate services available for residents in PRA units in multifamily properties.)

Exhibit 4: Grantee Program Description

Exhibit 5: Program Guidelines

Exhibit 6: Budget/Schedule

Exhibit 7: Agreement to Enter into a Rental Assistance Contract (ARAC)

Exhibit 8: Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) Part I

Exhibit 9: Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) Part II

Exhibit 10: Use Agreement

Exhibit 11: Model Lease

Exhibit 12: Grantee Addendums