Request Program Assistance

What is HUD Technical Assistance?

HUD's technical assistance (TA) is designed to provide resources, tools, and support for recipients of HUD funding, such as state and local government grantees, public housing authorities, tribes and tribally-designated housing entities, Continuums of Care, and nonprofits.

HUD's technical assistance resources include:

  • Information and "how to guides" through online resources, guidebooks, FAQs, and other information
  • Training and knowledge-building through online courses and webinars
  • Responses to basic program, policy and system questions via the Ask A Question (AAQ) virtual help desk
  • In-depth, program assistance and capacity building to improve the design and delivery of programs and services funded by HUD

This request form for is for in-depth, one-on-one program assistance and capacity building. For other TA needs, grantees should visit the program topics page, the resource library, or the AAQ helpdesk.

What is In-Depth Program Assistance?

In-depth program assistance involves coordination with HUD Headquarters and Field Office staff and TA consultants over a period of weeks or months. It may be one-on-one assistance or assistance delivered to a cohort of grantees.

In-Depth Program Assistance does not Include:

  • Program or system training. Browse the Programs & Related Topics pages and Trainings pages for these resources.
  • Clarification of HUD program rules and regulations. Please visit the AAQ helpdesk to submit your question.
  • Information for individuals looking for homelessness, housing or rental assistance. Visit the Need Housing Assistance? page for hotlines and service locators that help you find a range of local services, including housing, food, health, and safety.

Steps for Requesting and Receiving In-Depth Program Assistance

  1. Step 1Prior to submitting a request, please review available guidance and training and consult with your local HUD Field Office for assistance.
  2. Step 2 Create a HUD Exchange Account / Log in.
  3. Step 3 Complete the request form.
  4. Step 4 Receive a confirmation email that the request was submitted.
  5. Step 5 HUD reviews your request. You may be contacted for more information.
  6. Step 6 The request is approved or not approved. If it is not approved, you may be referred to the AAQ help desk or a HUD Field Office.
  7. Step 7 Receive an email specifying whether your request is approved or not approved.
  8. Step 8 If approved, a HUD consultant will contact you to discuss and provide assistance.

Who is Eligible to Receive In-Depth Program Assistance?

Organizations that receive funds directly from HUD are eligible, including:

  • State and local governments
  • Tribes, Tribally-Designated Housing Entities, and Tribally-Designated Housing Authorities
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Participating Jurisdictions
  • Housing Counseling Agencies
  • Multifamily owners/operators
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Continuums of Care
  • HMIS Lead Organizations

If you are a subrecipient organization or project sponsor, meaning you do not receive funds directly from HUD but receive them through your City, County, State, or competitive HUD grantee, you need to contact the grantee so that organization can submit a request for in-depth, program assistance on your behalf.

How Do I Request In-Depth Program Assistance?

Please be sure to have completed the following:

  • Review available guidance, resources, and training to help with your issue. Browse the Programs & Related Topics pages and Trainings pages to find guidance and tools to help with your issue.
  • Make sure that you have discussed your request with your local HUD Field Office or the Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) first.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Once you submit a request for in-depth program assistance, a determination typically takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity and breadth of the request.

Guidance for Public Housing Authorities, Tribes, and TDHEs

If you are a Public Housing Authority and your TA request involves the Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) program, you may proceed with submitting your request by clicking “Begin Program Assistance Request” below. If your TA request involves other Public and Indian Housing (PIH) programs, please contact your local PIH Field Office to discuss your needs and options for TA.

If you are a tribe or Tribally Designated Housing Entity (TDHE), discuss your program assistance request with your Area ONAP Office. Your Area ONAP Office will submit the TA request on your behalf and will inform you when the request is approved or not approved.