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APR Reporting Logic Concerning Parenting Youths and Head of Household

Sent by Nathan Andrade on 12/05/2017 01:39 PM (ET)

Please see attached word doc for details on question. The main concern is how to handle clients who have a head of household who exited the project before the reporting period started. This may also impact the logic for a client's anniversay date as well as their housing-move-in-date (according to AAQ Question ID 110700, which was submitted by a co-worker of mine) since both of these fields are supposed to be inherited from the head of household. 

Please let me know any clarification you can provide on how to handle this situation,

Thank you,

     Nathan Andrade


[Parenting Youth Question.docx]


12/06/2017 01:40 PM (ET)

Hi, Nathan.  I think this line is your analysis is the source of the confusion:

“However, since there is no head of household active in the reporting period,”

All Households always have a Head of Household.  If a client who was the Head of a Household leaves, but some of the members remain, then a new Head of Household must be assigned.  This essentially creates a new Household.  For reference:

“If the individual designated as head of household exits the project while other members remain, users must be able to edit the Relationship to Head of Household for all household members such that an individual present for the entire project stay is designated as head of household and relationships to the head are correct for other members (including the individual exiting the program).” (HMIS Data Standards Data Dictionary, 2017, p. 33).

Also, note that under some conditions it may be necessary to represent each former Household Member as a separate Household:

“If the group of persons are all children and youth (where none of the youth presenting are the child of another youth being served by a project), each youth should be entered as their own record in their own household.” (HMIS Data Standards Manual, 2017, p. 52).

This is a complex topic.  Please reopen if you have more questions.

Please note: the response provided in this email is specific to the question you submitted and may not apply to similar questions. Therefore, please use discretion in providing the response to others, as the answer may not apply to their particular situations.

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