Program Support

HUD offers different types of program support through the Community Compass Technical Assistance program, including answers to policy questions and in-depth program assistance for grantees.

Find Program Guidance and Training

Explore the Program & Related Topics landing pages that provide everything you need to administer your programs in one place.

Browse the Resource Library to find regulations, policy guidance, FAQs, and other resources.

Visit the Trainings page to find and register for upcoming trainings, take online trainings, watch training videos, and look through the past training archive.

Get answers to the following types of questions using Ask A Question:

  • Eligible activities, costs, and participants
  • Income determination, rent limits, property standards, program income
  • Requirements, such as Environmental Review

Request support from professionals on the following using Ask A Question:

  • System errors and troubleshooting, password resets, user accounts
  • Drawdowns, activity setup and update, submitting APRs and QPRs

Request In-Depth Program Assistance

What is In-Depth Program Assistance?

If you are a HUD grantee or recipient of HUD funding, such as a state or local government, public housing authority, tribe or tribally-designated entity, HMIS organization, or Continuum of Care, you are eligible to request assistance with the following:

  • In-depth assistance with implementing, operating, or administering a HUD-funded program
  • Issues that may require site visits and reoccurring communication with consultants
  • Long-term assistance to build organizational skills and capacity for operating HUD programs

In-depth program assistance involves coordination with HUD Headquarters and Field Office staff and HUD's consultants over a period of weeks or months. It may be one-on-one assistance or assistance delivered to a cohort of grantees.

Who isn’t Eligible to Receive In-Depth Program Assistance?

  • Organizations who are not receiving HUD program funds or participating in a HUD-funded program or initiative.
  • Subrecipient organizations or project sponsors. You will need to contact the grantor or pass-through organization that receives HUD funds to submit a request for assistance.
  • Individuals looking for homelessness, housing or rental assistance. Go to the Need Housing Assistance? page for hotlines and service locators that help you find a range of local services, including housing, food, health, and safety.

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